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Teri Professional Headshot White Shirt_e



As a counselor, motivational speaker, media personality, wife and mother, Teri Smith has channeled her energies toward assisting her clients to recognize their full potential as individuals capable of taking control of their lives and ramping up their faith. 

As a voice of truth and love, ‘Mrs. Teri’ has inspired a multitude of women of all ages to make positive decisions and to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect. Teri Lynn has made enormous waves in the media throughout her hometown, California, as well as Houston, Chicago and Atlanta to name a few.

In addition to her lifetime achievements and contributions, Teri and her husband Tory, are National Board Certified Marriage/Relationship Counselors and the hosts of the television and radio show, "Love In Black with Tory and Teri." Their show focuses on "Cultivating Positive Love Conversations," which means that your love is always in the positive. No topics are off limits as they discuss marital relationships and advice for couples and singles.

Teri and Tory are the founders of their private practice, "I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling, LLC." The amount of dedication and love that’s poured into each and every one of their clients is like no other.  

Mrs. Teri is a National Board Certified Christian Counselor; Author; Columnist, Media Personality & Motivational Speaker.

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