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"Today I will..
become stronger in my Spirituality as this is my right path."
Njambi G. Mungai
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"Mrs. Teri was exactly what I prayed for when I asked God to help me heal myself and my relationship.
She’s patient, kind, firm and most of all, loving. I’m so grateful for the time she’s spent with me and the random messages just to check in on me and see how I’m doing.
She really makes her client’s healing a priority and has been a true blessing."
Ashley E. 
"Before starting counseling sessions with Mrs. Teri looking back I think I was kind of stuck and depressed.
She has helped me identify things in my past that have shaped the person that I am.
My feelings are validated and I have found myself and my voice."

Carolyn L.
Working with Mrs. Teri has truly been a blessing for me. The encouraging and uplifting words during our sessions stick with me day to day.
Her dedication to helping me become a better person and the best wife I can be truly shows her love and passion for women.
Definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself!”

C. Reed
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"Mrs. Teri is so amazing. She is an active listener, always offering good positive insight. 
The impact I have felt while unfolding pieces of my struggles while in therapy with her has been powerful.
She identifies my issues and offers tools that have guided me to move forward in my life’s journey to grow as a healthier happier young woman." 

D. Lee
“Mrs. Teri has helped me in many ways than one.  I am able to not only live out my truths, but because of her, I’m also allowed to know God/ love God more!
Because of Mrs. Teri’s help, I was able to heal from my past trauma and be unapologetically me! 
I am grateful for her and all she has done. Xoxo"
M. Calloway
"Mrs. Teri is an amazing and phenomenal Christian Therapist. She has helped me navigate my situation and gave me the tools needed to see it through.
Mrs. Teri is an excellent source of strength and has reminded me of my value, my worth and I could do all things through Christ. I love that after every session it ended in prayer.
I would gladly recommend Mrs. Teri for any WOMAN or YOUNG LADY that is struggling with figuring out a career path, your voice and gaining their confidence."

Latoya B.

“In the few months that I’ve worked with Mrs. Teri, I have been through some significant life transitions and she has been there as a listening ear, confidant, and guiding light.

A true professional and master at her craft, I know that I have found a therapist that not only helps me navigate tribulations, but also holds me accountable while celebrating my wins along the way.

I am so happy God ensured that our paths crossed in this lifetime.”

Nicole D.

"Mrs. Teri is very open and non-judgmental. She is a God-Fearing woman and will do what it takes to help you get through your trauma.

She has a loving spirit, great listener and gives great advice!"

Shawna Y.

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I discovered "I Forever Will" for marriage counseling, but ultimately ended up receiving individual counseling and a few family sessions with my sons. It has been the best counseling experience for my journey these past 2 years.
It has developed into more than just a professional relationship and into a very personable relationship beyond the 1 hour sessions.  Moving forward, I can't imagine my life without God first and then this counseling.
I highly recommend counseling, especially with The Smith's, (Mrs. Teri & Tory). She is an awesome Counselor, Coach, Mentor, Prayer Warrior, Supporter and Encourager.
Together they are great team-players who are truly called to be in this profession. 
I am so grateful, that God has allowed our paths to cross.  To God be the glory for this journey."
S. Robinson
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